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Monte Cucco Caves

Grotta1English Monte Cucco, predominantly made from limestone rock, has allowed water to pass through this mountain and create a system of caves extending over 30 kilometers and with a depth of 929 meters. The caves were discovered in 1551, even though its not known who discovered the caves (possibly Ludovico Carbone (theologian from Costraciarro) or by Colonel Lodivivo Santacroce (Fabriano)) the first official documentation was produced by Girolamo Gabrielli in 1720.

Since 2009 the caves can be discovered by the public. The interior of the caves are illuminated and by following an expert tour guide you can safely descend into the heart of the mountain learning about its history and its geology formation. Cavers come from all over the world to discover the hidden secrets of the mountain. Two of the largest and most spectacular rooms (caves) that you can visit in this underground corridor are “The Cathedral” and “La Margherita”: aptly named after the German/Italian scientist “Margherita” Mengarini Traube (1856 – 1912).

All excursions can be organised, for large groups or individuals, by contacting Tel +39 075 9171046

Email: “The commumne of Costaciarro”.