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Hanggliding & Paragliding

8365838_origFor several years now, Monte Cucco **(1566m above sea level) is known as one of the best areas in the world for hanggliding. The launch sites (north and south) can be easily reached by car using paved roads. You can easily top land and start again (moreso on the South side, expert level for top landing on the North take-off area).

Monte Cucco is so well-known that it has hosted several times the the 1999 World Hanggliding Championships, in 2008 to the Womens World Hanggliding Championship and more recently in 2011 again to The Worlds.

In July 2010 the Pre World Hanggliding Championships took place, 150 top ranked pilots competed, giving them a chance to familiarise themselves with the area prior to the World Championships in 2011.

The Hotel Bar Restaurant MONTE CUCCO di Tobia is located in the immediate vicinity of the launch sites and offers hang-gliding pilots weather information and also the experience of Alberto Beni, ” flyer ” of old time.

tramonto_2012_002South launch site:

Large launch site, with the possibility of easy top landing; with views of the cities of Sigillo and Costacciaro. Easy access from asphalted road. Large and comfortable landing strip in the valley (Sigillo). Easy to fly with northwest to southwest winds.

North launch site:

The launch is on the Marchigiano territory of the Fabrianese. On clear days one is able to see the Adriatic coast. Winds from northeast to southeast. This flight requires somewhat more experience than the south flight. The landing strip for the north flight is situated in the valley to the south of launch.