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flowery 2011 013sNatural border between Umbria and Marche, the Massif of Monte Cucco (m. 1566 asl) offers the visitor a wide possibility of recreation: in the lush landscape of meadows rich in flora and centuries-old beech woods, a network of tens of kilometers of marked paths, marked and reported among other things in a map, allows you to make beautiful and carefree walks in the green.

The splendid and impervious gorge of Rio Freddo and its walls, hundreds of meters high and overhanging the narrow gorge, with jumps, slides, waterfalls and lakes, are fully armed to make wonderful and adventurous descents. The majestic and mysterious system of caves (among the deepest in Europe), is an authentic paradise for speleologists from all over the world who continuously carry out explorations in the more than 25 km of tunnels.

Mountain biking, Hangliding, Paragliding, Walking, Caving, Canyoning.