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Free Flight


For years now, the position and the continuous winds from the south or north have made the Massif of Monte Cucco (m.1566 asl) one of the most sought-after international destinations for hang gliders, who here find the environmental conditions (two distinct take-offs and easy access roads) and the optimal assistance for the flight. Which have favored the holding of two Italian championships, many international competitions where pilots from all over the world participated and still two world championships of free flight, 1999 and 2008.

The Hotel Bar Restaurant MONTE CUCCO in Tobia is located in the immediate vicinity of the take-offs and offers free flight enthusiasts reliable weather information and valuable flight advice, from old Cucco pilots with great experience, for unforgettable flights in safety The south take-off: to fly with winds from North / West – South / West. Wide take-off, with the possibility of easy top landing; it overlooks the Umbrian side, the villages of Sigillo and Costacciaro. Access by paved road. The landing in the valley is excellent, a short distance from the Free Flight Center of Scirca. The northern take-off: to fly with winds from the North/East – South/East. The view is on the Marche territory of Fabrianese. On clear days you get to distinguish the Adriatic coast. Take-off and top landing are good, but more technical than the southern take-off. Good also the accessibility and the landing field downstream, easy to identify.